Supporting theatre, changing lives


Richmond Theatre delivers the best of British Theatre in a venue located at the heart of the community. However the price of the tickets can be a barrier to young people who would like to experience theatre for the first time. Richmond Theatre Trust would like to encourage those who may not have previously thought of themselves as theatre-goers to experience the magic of theatre. Their first visit, we hope, will act as a gateway to further experiences.

Through Overture, Richmond Theatre Trust offers a ticket subsidy scheme, with the opportunity to also experience an added extra such as a backstage tour, post show talk or a ‘meet the star’ event.

Tickets will be provided free of charge to suitable groups and individuals for selected performances and there will be additional opportunities to attend pre-show tours and talks. Recipients of subsidised tickets will be asked to act as Young Ambassadors for the theatre by sharing their experience with their community.

If you think you may be eligible for Richmond Theatre Trust support, please contact us.